with Keith and Johnny Orange!

Ep25 Farewell to a founder and the importance of securing your rig

October 7th, 2019

Al Kodet, Keith's dad, passed away unexpectedly the day after Wheels in the Woods 2019. He was instrumental in getting the Museum of Off Road Adventure open, and supported the growth of the MORA in many ways. We say goodbye, and the circumstances of his death gave us reason to think about the security of our rigs.  

What are you doing to keep your rig from getting stolen? How about things taken from your open-top Jeep? This is the episode to listen to for those answers.

Ep24 Wheels in the Woods Recap

September 30th, 2019

Wheels in the Woods 2019 is in the books! 

Keith and Johnny Orange wind down after the show, along with special guest Ed Henry. Ed is a longtime friend of both hosts, and also an avid Wheelin' listener who won several awards at this year's show with his wild custom-built sandrail.

During the show this year, we interviewed several of the attendees about their rigs and experiences to air on Wheelin'. 

Ed stuck around for our aftershow, called "The End of the Trail" which can only be found at https://www.patreon.com/join/wheelinradio. During the show, Chad from www.quickdrawbrand.com happened to call, so we patched him right in. It was meant to be, because Ed happened to win a QuickDraw R2.8 AX15 bellhousing at the raffle. So, for the first time, we had four voices on the show. 

Ep23 History of the AMC Eagle

September 23rd, 2019

The Eagle has landed! The Museum of Off Road Adventure has brought back on public display one of the finest survivor examples of the introductory year of these revolutionary cars. Keith and Johnny Orange discuss what it took to bring America's first mass-produced All Wheel Drive Crossover type vehicle into production, and why it may have caused the eventual demise of American Motors.  

Along the way we cover some unique options and rich racing heritage of the Eagle line of vehicles, and how many of the technologies developed are seen in vehicles of today. 

More information at www.themora.org and www.facebook.com/themoramuseum  

Ep22 Truck Show Prep and Wheelin’ with Pets

September 16th, 2019

Keith and Johhny Orange are excited for the upcoming 2019 Wheels in the Woods 4x4 and Off-Road Vehicle show. Our entire staff is involved with the Museum of Off Road Adventure, so this fundraising family event is very important to us. This year the MORA has added several new events for everyone's enjoyment. We cover the schedule, what to expect, and encourage our listeners to attend!  

Traveling with pets is always a challenge. Taking them on the trail or for multi-day trips can be extra stressful and challenging. What should you consider when bringing your four-legged co-pilot with you?  


Ep21 Used Tire Buyers Guide

September 9th, 2019

4x4 enthusiasts are probably the largest consumers of used tires. This is mainly because of the ever-rising cost of buying big rubber. Plus, tires no longer good for highway driving might still have a life in the dirt.   

Keith and Johnny Orange have bought hundreds of used 4x4 tires over the years, and have learned the hard way what is a good purchase, and what is downright dangerous.  

Do you know how to date code a tire? Do you know the difference between advertised and actual size and why this matters? Are bias-ply or radial a better choice for your trail rig? Are used military tires a decent deal? We answer all these questions and more on this episode. 

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Ep20 Facebook Groups vs. Forums

September 2nd, 2019

Are online forums dead? Are Facebook groups the best way to find information for your build these days? Keith and Johnny Orange discuss the pros and cons of each format. 

Episode 20 features some extended 4x4 news coverage, including the recent unfortunate passing of Jessi Combs. Johnny Orange updates us on Project XJ. Keith Kodet of Thin Line Offroad starts plans for a 7.3 Excursion build and continues his name search for the FJ60. 

The Museum of Offroad Adventure has several important announcements and is ramping up for their annual Wheels in the Woods show. 

Extremely exciting news comes from the aftermarket with the insane pricing on 2.8R Cummins swap packages coming out of QuickDraw Brand. 

More information at: 



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Email us at info@wheelinradio.com

Ep19 4×4 Vans and Setting up Shop

August 26th, 2019

Keith Kodet and Johnny Orange talk options for 4x4 van conversions, from outfits that sell complete conversions, to DIY kits and more.  

Wheelin' is reaching further audiences, including our friends at the Modern Jeeper Show. You can listen to them at www.modernjeeper.com 

Setting up a garage with the right tools for the beginner 4x4 builder can be expensive, so the guys talk about which tools to buy first, and how to make quality and safe purchases when it comes to jack stands, air compressors and more. 

Wheels in the woods 2019 is coming up Sept 28th. More info at www.wheelsinthewoods.info

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Ep18 Project procrastination and how to revive your interest

August 19th, 2019

Keith and Johnny Orange, like many automotive enthusiasts, have been guilty of running out of steam on a project. We discuss the causes of delays in our final goals, and how to get back on track.  

Johnny Orange gets us up to speed on Project XJ and Keith talks about where he wants to go, or can't decide to go, with his rear axle options for the FJ60. 

Wheels in the Woods is getting closer, and we announce the sponsors of the event. 

Ep17 Navigating the world of Lift Kits

August 12th, 2019

Many different options are available for lifting your rig. What is going to be best for you? Keith and Johnny Orange discuss everything from the cheapest body and puck lifts to the advanced packages required to lift IFS and IRS trucks.  

What is going to be best for you to clear that bigger rubber? What else do you need to consider when increasing tire size? 

Ep16 The Death and Revival of the Manual Transmission

August 5th, 2019

Keith and Johnny Orange mourn the loss of the manual transmission with the announcement that many models have dropped the stick for the 2020 model year.  

We continue to discuss the mini-truck market and how you can still order a hand shaker, for now. 

One company, QuickDraw Brand, is offering manual transmission conversion products for almost all new pickup models, and we discuss some of their awesome options for those gear shifting die-hards. 

Additional information at www.QuickDrawBrand.com