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Episode 108: Spiderman Spiderman

November 29th, 2021

Keith got himself hurt AGAIN but this time it COULD turn into some interesting side effects, OR he may never be able to play tennis again... A couple quick updates from Johnny on Project XJ, and some details about training he's been going through at his work. More tales of the big Excursion that could and some notes on the barn project!

There is a new format the podcast is available in as well (limited episodes to start) for anyone with difficulty hearing, please feel free to reach out to us if you know someone who may enjoy the show in a readable format!



#spiderman #excursion #welding

Episode 107: Taste of Derby Life

November 22nd, 2021

Keith shares with us a few stories about all the trials, tribulations and the unusual dual tire configuration used in the build of Prestons Bump and Run car. Why was Keith sweeping his gravel driveway with a broom? What specialty tool did he need to use from work on the project? Check out the episode to find the answers to these questions and hear more about how the race went along with the goings on in the pits and so much more!!


#Bumpandrun #derbylife #dodge

Episode 106: Ultimate Adventure 2021

November 1st, 2021

Jeff and Zaed Ismail from IH Parts America join us again to review their adventures on Ultimate Adventure 2021. This crazy International Harvester father son team is always fun to have on, and they tell us all about their trials with Project Hideous. 

#UA2021 #IHpartsamerica #internationalharvester

Episode 105: 105 Land Cruisers?

October 25th, 2021

Our lack of knowledge on the 105 Land Cruiser doesn't make us want one any less. The last luxury solid axle Toyota, never available in North America, will be available for import in a few years. Why are they so cool? What could you get in 105 that you couldn't get in the rest of the 100 series. Listen to find out!

#100serieslandcruiser #toyotalandcruiser #105LandCruiser

Episode 104: Wheels in the Woods 2021 Recap

October 18th, 2021

The fourth year of Wheels is in the bag! The guys recap the highlights of the event and what they would like to see different in future shows. Special thanks to our sponsors Kodet's True Value, Starr Craft Brewery, Foxfire Fixins, ABC Home and Commercial Services and Michigan Specialty Coatings. 

#4x4show #wheelsinthewoods #offroadshow 

Episode 103: Booze and Big Blocks

October 6th, 2021

Alcohol and racing have deep roots. The guys talk about some of the bootlegging days that created NASCAR as well as why certain brands were more popular than others. Why did these early back road racers prefer certain engine swaps and how did they influence modern racing? Were brakes or big motors more important? 

#NASCAR #moonshine #bootlegging 


Episode 102: Interior Talk

September 29th, 2021
Both Keith and Johnny Orange are planning complete interior swaps on their projects. The guys talk interior restoration ideas and products as well as a review of some awesome new seat covers from Texan Auto Seat Cover for Keith's King Ranch redo. Check out their products at texanautoseatcover.com
#carinterior #interiorrestorion #carrestoration

Episode 101: Taste of the Aftershow

September 16th, 2021

The guys sample a beer on the main show for the first time, courtesy of Lynch's Irish Tavern in Port Huron, Michigan. They talk updates on their projects as well as a close call that Johnny Orange just dealt with at his job.


#beertasting #scuba #microbrew

Episode 100: Tales of the Beginning

August 28th, 2021
The inspiration for the MORA and Wheelin': To celebrate 100 episodes Keith and Johnny Orange talk about how Wheelin' got started, as a by product of The Museum of Off Road Adventure. Developing a life of its own, we are proud to have made the 100 mark!
#4x4museum #4x4podcast #offroadhistory

Episode 99: What’s up with the MORA?

August 11th, 2021

Keith and Johnny Orange talk about some updates with their projects for "The Great Bourbon Race" and get into some of what has been going on at the Museum of Offroad Adventure. Including some details on a newly donated display collection and news of an expansion! Moving into more updates with the Wheels in the Woods event including a new sponsor this year along with a returning sponsor who has been with the event since the start. The guys knock off the dust and get into some talk about welder/equipment maintenance and the importance of actually following the recommended guidelines in the manual and using good quality parts (and having spares) to avoid time wasting problems when in the heat of a build...


#themuseumofoffroadadventure #WheelsInTheWoods #Bourbon

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