with Keith and Johnny Orange!

Episode 109-111: End of the Trail

March 12th, 2022


This episode is as recorded, Keith and Johnnys last recorded episode together from their last recording session. It is mostly unedited though there were a couple small edits on the public version for some of the content we ONLY talked about in the premium episodes. In an attempt to keep it as much original/unedited as possible, THIS DOES CONTAIN SOME BAD LANGUAGE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! 

Starting with some good beers for the evening show and following some other drinks from earlier, Keith serenades us with a song to start the show and we discuss the horrible horrible thing that is the island boys, and more beers to get through this dark dark discussion... Conversation moves to talk of solicitor phone calls and a deep talk about the matrix series and the new Ghostbusters movie! Titanic 2 and some other movies being discussed... Then they get into some reactions to some movie spoof trailers.

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