with Keith and Johnny Orange!

Ep8 8 Lug Axle Buyers Guide

June 10th, 2019

Swapping to one-ton axles is one of the most popular upgrades for the hard-core 4x4 enthusiast. We cover the most commonly available and popular options, and how to score a deal on the increasingly expensive Dana 60 front axle. The GM 14 bolt, Ford Sterling 10.25/10.5, Dana 70 and 80 axles are all great options for upgrading to a stronger rear, and we discuss the pros and cons of each choice. Johnny Orange explores when the average wheeler should consider going to eight lugs and when the Jeep Dana 30 just isn't enough anymore, whether the Dana 44/GM 10-bolt is worth upgrading to.  

We discuss the differences between open vs. closed knuckle spindles, and whether kingpin or ball-joint axles are a better option. We answer when it is best to choose a passenger drop or driver drop front axle, and touch on high pinion vs. low pinion.  

Resources from this episode come from Keith Kodet of Thin Line Offroad with his extensive experience in the world of 4x4 axles, and information provided by www.billavista.com, which is a great resource for axle information.  

This episode also introduces the "4x4 Talk" Facebook group and why you should join it, and we announce our Twitter feed @wheelinradio along with our first trivia question and prize challenge.

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